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20 lbs lost! More info to come, but I’m back!


The introduction of HAIL TO THE QUEEN.


I’ve been doing makeup for as long as I can remember. I’m in NO WAY a professional. I was called a makeup artist, I STILL am called a makeup artist. I was hired off my MODELING modelmayhem because I had posted pictures of my work on myself in 2006.

I have done approximately 35 weddings (~150 people), 5 prom seasons (~100 clients), I’ve worked with 5 professional photographers (a huge multitude of clients, an estimate being probably close to 300 people), and hired as a beauty consult 11 times, since 2009 when I started marketing myself as such.

This post is for new beginnings. I’m done with being Jacqui, just that girl who does makeup. I’m not subpar. I’m not inadequate and I refuse to be compared to people who literally have ZERO experience. I am  starting fresh. Brand new concepts, brand new line, brand new EVERYTHING. Do not expect anything. I assure you anything that  you knew of me before is gone. I have merely existed lately. I need to find my passion for my artform. I refuse to be dragged down. I am blessed for the experiences I have had, but its time to move on. I am meant for so much more than a city full of scum, and being compared to people who aren’t even in the same bracket as me. I don’t care anymore. I want to be the best goddamn artist this town has seen. I’m not going to settle.


Its an expensive art form, definitely. I charge only a reasonable amount, because face it, I am not the best in this area. I am good at bridal makeup, I am awesome at makeup used for flash photography. I have been experimenting for some time with stuff outside of my comfort zone, because that is how you get better. If you stick with one thing…like a cat eye, you become comfortable, and you start working your looks and makeup and skills around that particularity. My obsession is a blended up browbone. I have to blend up into my brow bone. I cannot stand when people pack so much color in and just drag it up. Its LAZY. It takes no skill to pack color in, brush it back and forth a few times, throw on the  same old vanilla liner, and slab your face in foundation. Congratulations you understand the very basics of makeup. Contour/highlight/blending and the ability to mix things up is VERY important to me.


During                                                                          After

However what overshadows the ability to perform is hygiene. It bothers me when you watch a “beauty blogger” on youtube, and you can clearly see residue from a different shadow color. Or their foundation brush is caked in liquid. That is disgusting. If you want to bring yourself into the world of cosmetics and estheticianary work, you need to educate yourselves. Its a slap in the face to people who actually care. Warm water and hypoallergenic soap works best for me, because I use such a variety of brushes, but there are sprays or specialized sanitizers that wont damage the brushes. Its VERY important to do this. You could seriously harm someone!

This brings me to my next point. Protecting the client and yourself. When I started out, I had no idea I was walking into a professional studio and working with 15+ clients….at once. They all had different eyes, colour, undertones, skin issues, and I even had the pleasure of doing touch ups on a gentlemen at this shoot. In a high pressure situation like that, I honestly froze. Had my assistant not been there, I feel like I would have messed up a lot of different things. I learned from this situation. Now, THE VERY FIRST THING I DO. I set up a consultation. No matter if I am hired freelance or through a package with a photographer. That way, I have an idea of what the client wants before I walk into a situation. I also can see the skin, hair, eyes and texture I have to work with. I read through the 3 page client agreement with them, explain certain things if they don’t understand it, and I begin to explain health procedures. Since I am not a licensed cosmetologist, I am not allowed to work from a salon. I am allowed to work free-lance but I have to protect myself with these agreements. I agree to always have clean brushes, I promise to uphold the values of the industry and I promise to perform to the best of my abilities. In the same respect, I have a clause that I stress. Even though I take very good care of my prouduct, something may happen. You can never know if something might happen. I do not take liability. If they sign this contract and for some odd reason their eye gets scratched from a false lash (weird..), I am not liable. They know the risks full on, and agree to the terms. I will not continue with a client if they do not sign this. I ALWAYS DO THIS CONSULTATION NOW. ALWAYS.

Here is why. I was hired word of mouth to do a wedding in July. It was an older bride, and her 2 younger junior bridesmaid daughters. I walked into the salon, and the bride tells me after I had already started that she wanted a purple and silver/metallic smokey eye. No problem, not at all, its a great combination. When I’m done with her eyes, and go to start the dark red lip, (think blue toned) she tells me that she has a specific colour for her lip too. I say okay, and she shows me. This woman has on a purple/metallic silver eye. & she pulls out an orange red lip colour. I had to stop for a moment, because of the inability of her to communicate when I had called her 10+ times, and we had texted that I had already had my kit packed and ready, all the colours she wanted were there. & we were all set. I DO NOT USE CLIENTS PRODUCT UNLESS THEY SIGN A CLAUSE IN THE AGREEMENT! This would have dropped the price. I had to step away for a second because this woman was in her 40s, lightly tanned, blonde hair, blue eyes and very thin. The colour just could not be played off. It looked bad. I did not agree to it when we had spoken, and she could have looked so wonderful in the colour we had picked together. It wasn’t even flexible. It was a bright, garish red orange. I tried to tell her that the colours clashed with her flowers, her eye colour, the makeup, and even the bridemaid dresses, but she was insistent. I obviously went with it. There is a time and a place to challenge someone, and that is not it. After I left from the salon and was heading home, I realized I never wanted to be in this position. So when I was reworking my client agreements, I decided to make it so that both of us are protected. I didn’t like not knowing what she wanted. Had she signed something, I would have been able to see the colours up front and we would have been able to discuss the issue at hand NOT on her wedding day.

That being said, this may have to be a series. My hands hurt from typing and I’m tired.

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I don’t know what to say. [2.10.14]

I am at a loss for words.

The last 2 weeks have been horrendous. I have lost a friend to murder, in cold blood. A friend (one of my best friends other best friend) to a deadly addiction. I can’t even bring myself to write a whole blog post about this. I just hope that the rest of this year does not follow suit to what myself and hundreds, even thousands have experienced to date.


Ciao, and thanks for sticking around.



A little update. [1.24.14]

Ok. Life in GENERAL, freakin’ sucks. With an emphasis on SUCKS. I’m going to lay it down for you in typical Jacqui sense. A few days ago, someone we know and love suffered from what looked like a stroke. We all panicked and went to the hospital. Said person was found to have a brain tumor the size of a small fist (2 x 2) in the frontal lobe. Which is huge in the medical community. It is non-cancerous, but because of this persons age, this carries risks. This person can hardly form a sentence, slurs words, minimal movement on the right side, BUT is conscious of what is happening. A craniotomy is scheduled to happen in the next few days. I’m freaking out. Mainly because this person is so important to my husband, and it hurts me so bad to see him hurting. Don’t get me wrong, I love this person like my own, but this will break him. Literally. Now, on top of that… my uterus is trying to kill me. Ripping me to shreds. I’m assuming its just stress though. Can’t get my hopes up.

i’m going to go take a hot bath before I die of internal bleeding of some kind.

-I’m sure I have more to add to this, but for now, I’m going to leave it as is. I’m sure if any random thoughts come to mind I’ll bore you tomorrow. Thanks ya’ll. –


Hey Ya’ll!

For those who are not familiar with TTC talk, let me help you BEFORE you get overwhelmed. TTC = Trying to Conceive, Metformin = a medication that helps maintain a healthy blood sugar, PCOS = Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome…which hurts really bad, Clomid = an aid for ovulation.

As some of you know, I’ve been pretty inactive as far as blogging/vlogging/posting in general. My life has been NUTS! It all started in 2012 when my husband, Eddie got hurt at work. We have spent the last 2 years in and out of surgery, physical therapy, and doctors offices. Now, we had decided to put our ttc on hold while this all went down. We decided together when we just started getting back on our feet, to actively start trying again in November 2013. I was diagnosed with PCOS (I mean–seriously? I gained 60lbs randomly over a 6 month period, and even though I’m Italian, this hair is stupid crazy.. don’t even get me started on the ACNE AND WEIGHTLOSS problems). Annnyyyyway. I was told to start Birth Control to get me cycling, and then I will be taking Metformin and in 3 months I am going to start Clomid rounds. 🙂 I’m very excited to be so proactive about getting healthy. I’m not only doing it for myself, and my husband, but I’m preparing for when we have children. Instead of going the “easier” (said no sane Cyster– ever) route by just taking the fertility medicine, I am trying the difficult route of losing 20% of my body weight, which ultimately is only 18lbs. My goal is 25-30. (I was 181 starting, I’m down to 169 after 2 months). So my makeup and fashion -OBSESSION- have been taking a backseat to things that are just a little more important, forgive me. However, since I am now have access to the internet, I will be posting a lot more frequently, and once I get to NC (HERE I COME CHARLOTTE) and start Cosmetology Management at a very reputable school! (eek!), I’ll be posting so much makeup and hair looks, tutorials and random blatherings like I am now! 🙂

I’m beginning to believe that life can mess with you in many ways, but the more bad things that happen, the stronger you become. I’m a firm believer in what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I’ve never felt more invincible.

-Jacqui M.